Candida & Walter - A lifetime of love and family together - Seniorenfotografie Zuhause

I meet a lot of young couples who are planning to get married and spend a lifetime together. I meet them; I get to take pictures at their weddings, pictures filled with love. But that is just the beginning of the story. This is what a lifetime together looks like: when skin becomes like paper, and there are wrinkles everywhere, and touch is always soft and slow. Hands and feet are no longer steady. But there is laughter, and grandchildren, and maybe even great-grandchildren. And yes, there is still love.

When they met at University, both were studying to become doctors. Things were different back then - she was the only woman in their class. He had to fall in love with her. They got married in 1950, 67 years ago. Now, she is 95, he is 97 years old. Two kids, 5 grandchildren, and many stories to tell. What do 67 years feel like? Do they even remember what it was like, not being together?

He still smiles when he gets to hold her close to him, or when he gets to steal a kiss... Time has changed many things. The sparkle in their eyes remains unchanged.


P.S.: The best moment in the photo session - when he turned to me and asked "You know where I like to kiss her?" Then turned to her and pointed at her lips "Right here."